Sunday, June 14, 2009


at first my plans for today was to go to a flea market and sell some of my clothes and shoes, but there was no free tables left for me so it have to wait.
and my second plan was to roll on my longboard, but since it rained elephants yesterday it is too wet still. hopefully the sun will help me drying up the streets so i can go in the evening.
(there is new asphalt right out side my house! about 2 km long and slightly downhill :D )

but since i am inside now anyways, i cal feed my blog with some nice photos instead.
enjoy and cross your fingers, for dry streets and sun, with me :)


my friend torbjørn.

oh, and a video. wish there was sunsets like that here also.

Longboarding from Alex Horner on Vimeo.
this dude has AMAZING photos!! check out his deviantart page!
very good photographer! takes photos for sector9 boards.

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